Hors série, 2020 - Charles St Petroc 

A novella and a social satire of poetic Russian inspiration, Charles St Petroc follows the eponymous hero as he falls in love with a young woman from the varsity shooting club, Ophelia. Courting her away from her relationship, they are separated as the first lockdown hits.

Part II

Vol 1
Charles goes off to his home in North Cornwall and Ophelia stays in Bristol.  As spring comes, they long for each other, engaged in a back and forth of ever more passionate letters.

Part III

Charles returns to London with plans to go out to Zambia. As he prepares to leave he receives one last letter from Ophelia.

Part IV

Returning to North Cornwall for the November lockdown, Charles settles peacefully into quiet village and country life, looking back at the turmoil of the last months.

Chargé D'affaires - Depuis 2020