Chargé d’affaires will be out here quarterly;
Around the first Fridays of
October, January, April and July.

At Home

The Jubilee in Nidderdale

“Echoing peals of distant bells run along the valley and the smell of diesel fumes mix with wild garlic; the lanolin grease on my palms from dividing the lambs and yowes is pliable like a thin layer of warm candle wax.”  
Edward Gifford


La Casa Pacifica

Brezhnev, Ordaz, Sato, and me, with my own little room looking out to a hacienda style patio with a hand-painted tile fountain at its centre. Far from home, them warm California winds blow, struck out with broad lawns and dust and with folks I didn’t know, it was the decade of public paradox.”
Callum Ruddock


“When Léonie and I were in Isfahan, Hassan, who ran our guest house, would always insist rāhat bāsh’, ‘be at ease’, as we rushed early to visit more mosques. Sometimes it was all we felt like doing”
Lucie Briscoe


Partieschwan banners in Nazi livery hang in crisp ranks, offensively perverting Lohengrin’s tragically exalted sacrifice into a fetish of German violence. Can we allow the German no good? No culture without shame? Lohengrin is no false God.
Oliver Briscoe

Chargé d'affaires - Depuis 2020